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Still Deciding?... Here's Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is approaching, check out our gift guide for the perfect present for Mum.

Flowers, chocolates, candles, and bath bombs; they're the usual fare when it comes to Mother's Day gifts. Why not switch things up this year with a beautiful piece of art for mum to cherish forever?

Be warned though, you may not want to give these away...

Sam Wolfe's 'Songs For Summer' collection takes vintage pulp imagery from the forties and fifties and changes the context of the images by including empowering song lyrics to create feminist and poignant pieces which are perfect for making a statement.

Julie Ann Scott is a pro at capturing transient moments in time. Whether it be the changing skies or the flash of a koi carp in the water, you're sure to find her use of colour and light absolutely mesmerising.

Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley is a fun and innovative take on sculpture. The multicolour creations to arrive from Matt's studio in Staffordshire always get a lot of attention in the gallery. The latest Spring 2023 collection is vibrant and full of bold forms and never before seen animals such as a koala and joey.

These flowers will last forever. Kealey Farmer's floral pieces are full of colour, love and hope.

Kealey incorporates themes of love, family and friendship within her pieces- what better way to say Thank You, this Mothers Day?

A new signing to Adamo Gallery, we're proud to welcome Tina Earnshaw to our portfolio of artists. A mixed media artist, Tina uses, inks, oils, metal leaf and resin to capture abstract floral scenes. Almost fairy-like, you'll search for nymphs and elves within her magical pieces.

Spring is well and truly here, and Derrick Fielding perfectly encapsulates the seasons in his atmospheric pieces. His bold graphic style is derived from his former career as a sign writer.

Focusing on high-contrast elements, Derrick manipulates the light within his paintings to create dream-like scenes.

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