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Kealey Farmer - Kealey is an artist who loves to evoke a spiritual response with her work. Her delicate mixed media pieces are full of energy and symbolism.


Symbolism in art refers to the use of symbols, imagery, and metaphorical representations to convey deeper meanings and evoke emotions or ideas beyond what is directly depicted. These symbols often serve to communicate themes, concepts, or narratives more abstractly or metaphorically.

Themes of love, friendship, family and trust are abundant in Kealey’s work.
Kealey loves to create awe and wonder with her enchanting paintings, her clever use of media encourages a sense depth and mystery to artworks by inviting viewers to interpret and uncover hidden meanings.

Enjoy exploring delicate elements such as watercolour paintings, embellished wooden elements, striking resin work and Swarovski crystals which are all found in Kealey Farmer's beautiful pieces. 

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