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Kealey Farmer At Adamo Gallery

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We welcomed Kealey Farmer to Adamo Gallery on Saturday the 10th of September to celebrate the launch of her new Autumn collection.

We hosted a packed event. Our collectors loved viewing Kealey's gorgeous multi-dimensional pieces and of course meeting her in person.

Let's take a look at Kealey's new collection.

'Get Together' is a beautiful piece which denotes a blush of Robins.

The robin is a symbol of good fortune. Additionally, it also symbolises passion, a new beginning, and re-birth. Therefore, if the bird flies into your life you will be blessed with happiness and joy. Subsequently, most of the symbolism of robins is centred on their spiritual meaning which is believed to be a symbol of divine sacrifice.

In truth, one of the most well-known robin symbolism meanings is connected to the afterlife. In general, birds have an ambiguous symbolic significance across cultures and are often thought to bear the spirits of our deceased loved ones. In particular, many red robin superstitions suggest that robins appear when loved ones are nearby.

'The Secret Garden' is an imaginative piece from Kealey's portfolio.

Full of beautifully bright colours, this artwork will transport you to a world far away.

Almost dreamlike, 'The Secret Garden' begs you to ask what is beyond the gateway. Big blushing roses catch the corner of your eye as you try to investigate the attraction beyond the gate. You can faintly see the dusky woodland beyond the walled garden.

Almost taken from a fairy-tale book, we love the rich vibrant colours in this piece. Wonder, mystery and enchantment intrigue the viewer- but as is with all artworks what you see in this piece is completely unique to you.

Kealey Farmer's boutique artworks are absolutely stunning.

Perfectly petite, these lovely pieces are fabulous for adding a pop of colour to a small space. All original and totally unique, each artwork is finished with 3D elements and resin to pick up and reflect light.

Click on the images to take a closer look at each piece.

We always look this excited at our events!

Take a look at Kealey Farmer's stunning portfolio on our website and browse through her full collection.


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