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It's been a month since we opened the doors to Adamo Gallery and what a whirlwind it's been!

To celebrate our entrance into the art world we decided to hold a grand opening party.

Our special guest was the incredible Mr Controversial who created a bespoke Adamo Gallery exclusive piece.

As a native Londoner it took him some time to get his head around the witty Welsh inspired phrase we are all culpable of saying to our nearest and dearest here in South Wales.

Mr Controversial's artwork focuses on transforming vintage imagery to create a contemporary piece of artwork.

Taking pulp imagery focusing on artwork from literature, cinema and music he applies oil paint to create bold block colouring and then screen-prints a remarkable and relatable quote to the artwork. A combination of assemblage and traditional printing techniques, you can describe Mr Controversial's pieces as statement graphic artworks.

Flooding our vision with glamourous women, wry men and power striving couples, his witty and satirical artwork captures our attention with relatable quotes and captions.

'I'll Be There Now... In A Minute' is an Adamo Gallery exclusive piece which all of our clients loved! After an unveiling and a grand entrance to the gallery, Mr Controversial greeted our guests and discussed his latest collection.

Our amazing friends in Lab22 took control of the bar all night and crafted a pretty pink but powerful cocktail for our guests to sip on throughout the evening.

With a varied portfolio of artists carefully selected to be exhibited in the gallery, our clients really got to view an exciting and dynamic new art gallery in central Cardiff.

With established gallery favourites such as Paul Oz, Kealey Farmer and JJ Adams, we are so excited to bring you more Adamo Gallery events in the near future.

Who would you like to see?


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