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Celebrate International Star Wars Day with us at Adamo Gallery.

In a galaxy far, far away, a story emerged that has caught the fancy of millions around the world. For many, the famous Star Wars franchise is their entire childhood as they spent it reading the comics and watching the movies like an ardent fan!

From Jedis to lightsabres', Yoda to Chewbacca and Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader, the characters have become immortal in the hearts and minds of many. The quotes said are also repeated day in and day out in any situation whatsoever.

In fact, many may not know that a day is solely dedicated to Star Wars and is always celebrated with great pomp and show. Every year, May 4th is celebrated as International Star Wars Day.


Star Wars has become a source of inspiration for many of our best selling artists. Here, we'll take a look through some of their incredible portrayals of celebrated characters and iconic scenes.

JJ Adams is a pioneer of digital art. His hilarious compositions and edgy makeovers often transform serious films and iconic stars. Here we see the ultimate Star Wars villan, Darth Vader using the force to complete his lego set of the Death Star.

Available in a white or black frame, this piece is so intricately detailed, you'll spend ours looking at the small hidden gems throughout.

If Lego is a guilty pleasure of yours then you definitely need to check out this fantastic piece; 'Play With Me'.

We absolutely love the tags and graffiti on the AT-DP. JJ has even crossed over to the Disney universe and hidden a little Donald Duck- can you find him?

More character driven? JJ has also transformed iconic figures such as Princess Leia and Han Solo. Complete with full sleeve tattoos and very, very big guns, this dynamic duo are clearly not to be messed with!


Through word of mouth and raving reviews, Star Wars enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame and changed the entire landscape of cinema, leaving studios completely bewildered by its success. The world was introduced to the Skywalker-family saga, and beloved characters like Han Solo, Yoda, Chewbacca, and perhaps the darkest villain of all time — Darth Vader. Grossing over $100 million by the end of the summer, the first installment of Star Wars won six Academy Awards and a Special Achievement Award for ground-breaking accomplishments in special effects. For its time, and considering the limited budget, George Lucas pulled off a massive feat by creating advanced effects and filming impressive space sequences using only small-scale figures and setups.

Another person taking inspiration from toy figures, nostalgic movies and misspent youth is Craig Davison. From early on in his career creating animations for major picture houses, Craig Davison has carried this passion throughout his artistic career.

Craig's dynamic and witty representations of children pretending to play their childhood heroes (or villains) never ceases to amaze his collectors.

Of course, Star Wars is no exception!

Ready to go with a rather large stick and of course, his asthma pump this cheeky chap is attempting to cut an intimidating figure as super villain, Darth Vader.

Craig's signature is always to leave a shoe lace of his character's undone- adding to that hectic hyper childhood mentality.

Check out another fabulous Star Wars inspired piece of Craig's below.


One of everybody's favourite characters throughout the franchise is the mysterious Yoda. Did you know Yoda’s first name was never mentioned because George Lucas wanted to leave him with just one name to enhance the mystery that surrounds him? There are theories that his first name is Minch, however Minch is another Jedi who is the same species as Yoda.

There are definitely underground theories surrounding the enigmatic work of Paul Oz.

Paul has taken three iconic figures from the series and has given them the Oz treatment. Paint is sculpted with a palette knife rather than a paintbrush to create texture and three dimensional portraits.

Take a look at three of our favourites:


With a range of budgets suitable for all collectors, we can use the force to find your perfect piece of artwork. With free delivery, bespoke artist dedications and the option to spread the cost using interest free credit, at Adamo Gallery it's our mission to help you fall in love with art.

Contact us by using the chat option on the website or call us on 02920 666 551. Alternatively you can email us by using;

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