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KATY JADE DOBSON –  Katy Jade Dobson is celebrated for her exquisite creations that transport viewers into realms of unparalleled luxury and refinement.

Renowned for her masterful manipulation of colour, Katy elevates subjects from the natural world to celestial heights, offering homage to the botanical wonders and wildlife that have captivated her imagination since time immemorial. Each stroke of her brush unveils a tapestry of abstract allure, unveiling alternate dimensions with enigmatic undertones and celestial vistas.

Hailing from Yorkshire, Katy's artistic prowess has garnered international acclaim, with her collections commanding adoration and admiration from discerning collectors worldwide.

Her coveted original oil paintings entice with surreal depictions of fauna and opulent florals, seamlessly blending serene tranquillity with intermittent bursts of opulent chaos.

Through her meticulous adherence to traditional techniques, Katy effortlessly straddles the line between contemporary innovation and timeless artistic mastery.

Katy has sought to channel the unconscious mind as a means of unlocking the power of imagination and exploring the depths of human psyche.

Key characteristics of surrealism include the juxtaposition of unlikely elements, the use of symbolism and dream imagery, and the exploration of subconscious desires and fears. Surrealist works often feature bizarre and otherworldly landscapes, distorted figures, and dreamlike scenarios that challenge the viewer's perception of reality.

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