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    Chris Chapman studied graphic design at Leicester College of Art, graduating in 1979. He lived in London during the early years of his successful career as an illustrator of books, packaging, and for advertising, specialising in images of animals.


    Chris Chapman enjoys creating satirical paintings that poke fun at the seriousness of the Fine Art world. 
    His 'Gallery Series' takes the form of people, most often an older man with his pet dog visiting art galleries to view fine art masterpieces.
    Their reactions to the artworks are often mixed but are always mirrored with the mood, style, and composition of the chosen artwork.
    Parodying the greats from Monet to Magritte; Hockney to Haring and of course, Banksy, Chris keeps his artwork light and playful by including fun little details and hidden gems . 


    He currently produces paintings exclusively for the fine art market. His work is humorous, and he enjoys creating the visual joke as much as executing the final picture.

    Create your own gallery at home with Chris Chapman's joyful artworks. 

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