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Rozanne Bell - born in Zimbabwe to her Edinburgh-born father and Yorkshire-born mother in 1962 and spent 40 years there until 2002, when the political situation under Robert Mugabe led to Rozanne and her young family of 5 children fleeing the country with just the clothes on their backs.

Self taught Rozanne had enjoyed a successful professional career in Zimbabwe, with exhibitions in South Africa and a large collector base in the USA, but the speed in which they had needed to leave the country meant Rozanne had to leave behind all of her artist materials and reference material that had helped forge her successful career.

Upon arrival in the UK she was forced to start from scratch, sourcing frames from car boot sales for her paintings and selling her work in the local pubs.

Once relocated to Dorset it took two years of hard work for Rozanne’s work to be spotted and put into a local gallery but once it was she hasn’t looked back. It was her depictions of harbour scenes that got her the big break she needed. 

Rozanne is now known for her mixed media originals of vivid colours and trademark metallic embellishments which are firm favourites and adorn collectors walls all over the UK. 

She says. “I haven’t succumbed to the temptations of limited editions or mass market prints. Each picture I paint is an original with no one painting being the same as another. I am also passionate that my work remains affordable. I would rather sell ten paintings to ten nice people at a good price, than one at a fortune to a celebrity. I'm not interested in the ego of art! It bores me to death.”

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