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Painting has always been a passion for Ian H Watkins.

Empowered by his love of performing arts, Ian’s foray into the visual arts is not unexpected. As he was ready to attend Cardiff School of Art in the 90s, he was approached to become a pivotal member of the hugely successful pop group, Steps.  


After twenty-five years, four #1 albums, and 22 million albums later, Ian found himself looking for another creative endeavor after starting a family. Then he returned to painting and began creating striking mixed media pieces depicting the vast beauty and encompassing nature of Welsh landscapes.

Ian’s work with his sprawling landscapes, rich earthy colours, and primitive and authentic form.

Wistful and nostalgic, Ian’s landscapes remind you of wet and windy mountains to rugged valleys filled with coal and slate. All of Ian’s pieces are focused on being consumed in the moment of the landscape.

Ian prefers to use a restricted simple palette with a focus on texture and mixed materials.
By using a variety of materials, Ian achieves dimension, depth, and character on