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IAN H WATKINS  – Painting has always been a passion for Ian H Watkins.

Empowered by his love of performing arts, Ian’s foray into the visual arts is not unexpected. After leaving school, he was accepted into Cardiff Art College, but decided to defer for a year to peruse performing. That year turned in to 25 years! Although performing has been his focus, now he's found time to be creative and to pick up his paint brushes!

After twenty-five years, four #1 albums, and 22 million albums later with the hugely successful pop group, Steps, Ian found himself looking for another creative endeavour after starting a family. It was then he returned to painting and began creating striking mixed media pieces depicting the vast beauty and encompassing nature of Welsh landscapes.

A collection of paintings inspired by the beauty of the raw and natural Welsh landscape, Ian’s debut collection; 'Hiraeth' is a testament to his identity as a Welsh man, proudly connected to his roots.

An untranslatable term; Hiraeth can be used to describe the yearning and love for Wales and Welsh culture. This theme is evident in Ian’s work with his sprawling landscapes, rich earthy colours, and primitive and authentic form.

Wistful and nostalgic, Ian’s landscapes remind you of wet and windy mountains to rugged valleys filled with coal and slate. All of Ian’s pieces are focused on being consumed in the moment of the landscape.

Ian prefers to use a restricted simple palette with a focus on texture and mixed materials.
By using a variety of materials, Ian achieves dimension, depth, and character on his canvases.

With a slight melancholic undertone to his work, Ian loves to focus on the heavy contrast between dark skies and brighter foregrounds allowing the viewer to be initially drawn to the bold use of colour, then inviting the viewer to look closer into the woods, skies, and seas. 

Join us as we unveil Ian's new Spring Collection at our event; 'An Evening With Ian H Waktins'

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