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Highlights of our fabulous evening event.

On Friday the 4th of March we celebrated ten new artists showcasing their work at Adamo Gallery. We were joined by artists and collectors alike to view our latest exhibition 'New For Twenty-Two'.

We're passionate about advocating and promoting new artists in Cardiff and South Wales and with an incredible portfolio of artists now represented by Adamo Gallery, a preview evening was the perfect opportunity to showcase the new talent.

'New For Twenty-Two' event at Adamo Gallery

We were joined on the evening by our special guest, Louis Sidoli.

Louis' pop art inspired pieces are an incredible representation of celebrity and iconic moments throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Louis Sidoli started his career as a car designer and today draws on this experience of industrial manufacturing techniques to fine tune each step of the process in his work, by customising every single detail, from the level of polishing applied to aluminium surfaces to the colour of a power plug on his neon works.

Sidoli grew up absorbing the music, album cover artwork and music videos of the 1970’s and 80’s which along with an enduring fascination with Andy Warhol, has had a powerful impact on his work. Warhol’s silkscreens, with high contrast monochrome images at the core of his artistic practice, remain one of his key influences.

(L-R) 'The Godfather' Original Neon Artwork; Louis Sidoli, Richard & Sophie from Adamo Gallery; 'Studio 54' Original Neon Artwork; Client, Tim admiring Louis' work.

A preview evening is the perfect way to take a look through a wide portfolio of artwork in a relaxed and informal setting. Preview evenings can assist you in widening your horizons with your taste in art and you can often surprise yourself with a piece of art you may not have considered before.


Danny Abrahams is another new Adamo Gallery signing. We absolutely love his atmospheric and dramatic skies, often highlighted by a character. Full of sentimental value, these pieces are narrated by the power of connection and togetherness. Already his paintings are becoming a firm favourite.

Clients, Phil & Hayley admiring a new artist.

(L-R) 'Hedgehog'; 'Tawny Owl'; 'Orangutan' all by Edge Sculpture

We're proud to introduce a fabulous selection of sculpture to Adamo Gallery. Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley are emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remaining utterly affordable. Designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire, Edge Sculpture is a collection influenced by style rather than subject. The mix of form, light and texture gives a unique feel to each individual piece.

Clients, Rhys & Helen enjoying a cocktail created by Lab22

Our event was catered for by the amazing Lab22. An award winning cocktail bar located in the heart of Cardiff, the well established hang-out has recently been voted the UK's best cocktail bar!

Our clients enjoyed a fabulous, rum strawberry and rhubarb cocktail whilst viewing the new collections. Mixologist Max was described as a magician!


(L-R) 'Dea 1' by Hamish Blakely; Clients, Ines & Nicola; 'Chippy Tea' by Craig Everett

We paid homage to traditional oil painters such as the incredible Hamish Blakely who has depicted the female form with a fresh and graceful finish. Craig Everett's transformative atmospheric urban-scapes which nod to childhood with a warm and welcoming glow.

(L-R) 'Sunday Sessions' by Cecilia Cardiff; Client, Chris with Cecilia Cardiff's paintings; 'Rampage' by Cecilia Cardiff

Cecilia Cardiff's Café Culture series are the perfect pieces if you wish to inject some Mediterranean vibes into your home. Working in oils, Cecilia is inspired by urban scapes and lifestyle, observing everyday life and human nature, often injecting lighthearted humour into her painting subject.


(L-R) 'Moss'; 'Nothing Great About Britain' and 'Blondie' all by Ghost

If it's something a little more contemporary you're interested in, Ghost may be who you're looking for. Hailing from South Wales, Ghost is a collaborative project which takes two artists and combines their skills to create incredible works of art.

Ghost focuses on transforming the viewers perspective on an icon or character and reconstructs their subject by manipulating, embellishing and altering the images. Using digital methods and street art as a source of inspiration, Ghosts' artworks are a nod to the anti-establishment. Inspired by the emotive response of street art, Ghost set out to create unique pieces which celebrate the diversity of urban art.

'New For Twenty-Two' definitely kicked off our events calendar with a bang. We have another three confirmed events for the remainder of the year, which we will be revealing soon

Clients, David & Hayley with Ghost Piece; 'Royal Blue'

To register your interest in Adamo Gallery events, please ensure you sign up to our events programme, where you will receive insider information, exclusive news and promotions.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended 'New For Twenty-Two'. As a new independent business we value your ongoing support.

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