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Be Mine... Valentine?

Which piece of art will you be ask to 'Be Mine' this year.

(L-R Emma Gibbons 'Addicted To Love White'; JJ Adams 'Come Here Loverboy'; Emma Gibbons 'Addicted To Love Black')

Chocolates, Flowers, Cuddly Toys- we've all received them for Valentines Day, so why not gift your Valentine something memorable this year.

We can play cupid for you here at Adamo Gallery. With a diverse selection of artwork and really something for everyone, we're sure to be able to help you fall in love with art.

Take a look through our top picks this Valentine's Day.

First up is JJ Adams with his contemporary take on the 80's classic, 'Dirty Dancing'. Part of JJ's 'Tattoo Icon' series, he has transformed Baby and Johnny's dramatic kiss.

Featuring both characters sporting sleeves, this artwork is full of hidden gems, including our favourite- a watermelon tattoo! The monochrome palette is simple yet effective and will compliment many interiors.

Emma Gibbons' cheeky style has seen collectors admire her work greatly. 'Addicted To Love' is available either set on a black, mysterious background or a simple white background. We can't make our mind up which we prefer?

Taking inspiration from Damien Hirst, who Emma worked with exclusively for many years, her pop art pieces are comprised of hundreds, if not thousands of pills. Filled with pigment, glitter, diamond dust, ink and glow in the dark pigment, Emma's unique creations will leave you staring at them for hours!

We couldn't write a blog post about love and romance and not include Kealey Farmer. Kealey's artworks are all focused around, love, relationships and family. Her multilayered and dynamic pieces often stop viewers in their tracks, simply down to the beauty of them. Kealey's work is comprised of not only paint, but she often embellishes her pieces with 3D elements such as resin, glass and Swarovski crystals. Heading its way to the gallery is the gorgeous piece 'Four Seasons' (top). We can't wait to see this piece in person, it promises to take you on a journey through the seasons, perhaps as a reminder to a loved one who's stood with you every step of the way.

Michelle Mackie's ethereal portraits have been compared to fairy tales. Her strong female focused pieces often depict a sole figure either facing her fears or starting a journey to find themselves. For her Valentine's collection, Michelle has noted that Love is a journey. Take a look through her conceptual pieces, you're sure to find an artwork that really speaks to you!

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