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KERRY DARLINGTON - Born in Rhyl in 1974, the artist has stayed in the small town of Prestatyn where her thriving studio is based. Kerry’s love for art draws back to her childhood when she was fascinated with fairytales that her mother used to read to her every night before bed. Kerry was transfixed with magical fairies, enchanted woods, and far-flung adventures.


This followed her throughout her adolescence, and she completed an illustration degree with the intention of becoming a children’s book illustrator.

Whilst studying, Kerry discovered the work of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau movement. Hauntingly beautiful figurative pieces began to appear throughout her work. Now Kerry continues to look to the Pre-Raphelites and Art Nouveau artists as references and inspiration for her own work.

In the years that followed, Kerry began to build a reputation for her original decorative designs using 3D embellishments and resin to emphasise colour saturation and richness. Whilst her focus is primarily on nature, specifically trees – Kerry is hugely inspired by Gustav Klimt and his iconic ‘Tree of Life’ series, her work now includes references to myth, legend, stories, and poetry.

Having drawn inspiration from her much-loved childhood stories, Kerry has developed a rich world weaving together ideas from classic Welsh myths and legends to fantastical novels from Tolkien and J.K Rowling.


Kerry’s storytelling style with technical excellence and intricate attention to detail constantly captivates collectors from every generation.

Adamo Gallery is proud to represent such a contemporary pioneer in story-telling art. We’re devoted to supplying our investors with the very best of Kerry’s work. For investment questions and commission propositions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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