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CRAIG FOORD - born in 1986 in Brighton. He completed a National Diploma in Art and Design at Eastbourne College. Craig Foord's work is dynamic and ethereal. His beautiful resin creations are deep and saturated with colour. The addition of metal leaf, crystals and diamond dust emphasises the impact of his abstract work.

Displaying a vivid connection between nature and art, Craig Foord has combined his initial profession as a tree surgeon with his passion for sculpting. Whilst his paintings are mesmerising, his approach to resin in his freestanding sculpture work is likewise impressive. The initial process of shaping his resin works are achieved with the use of a chainsaw. Each piece is then shaped and polished until Craig is entirely happy with the elemental finish of each piece.

Craig has always had a strong emotional connection with outer space, and the exploration of other planets, this is reflected in his recent experiments with different medias, of late exploring abstract painting.

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