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VOODOO RAE –  Step into a world where neon greens, hot pinks, and brave hues collide, igniting a visual symphony that dances with the rebellious spirit of iconic rappers. In this electrifying art collection, Rae J Morgan, known to the world as Voodoo Rae, seamlessly blends the power of nostalgia with vibrant splatters and dabs of paint, creating an art form that encapsulates our shared memories of these lyrical maestros. Voodoo Rae's captivating artwork pays homage to the rappers we all grew up knowing, whose songs became the soundtrack of our lives.

Their fashion-forward personas, their audacious attitudes, and their profound messages captivated our hearts and minds, leaving an
indelible imprint on our cultural fabric. Voodoo Rae takes these enduring icons and infuses their portrait with a fresh and daring twist.
With each stroke of her brush, Voodoo Rae amplifies the rebellious energy that permeates the rap scene, inspiring us to find our own voices and unleash our unique lyrical expressions.

Through a skilful combination of vibrant pigments, she weaves a tapestry of colours that radiate with an electrifying intensity, embodying the unapologetic spirit of hip-hop.

The resulting masterpieces invite viewers to immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of emotions, pulsating with a rhythmic energy that mirrors the cadence of the rap lyrics we know by heart. Voodoo Rae's art form becomes a conduit, allowing us to unleash our inner rebels, encouraging us to craft our own lyrical narratives and march to the beat of our own

So, step into the world of Voodoo Rae, where the power of portraiture converges with the dynamism of neon art. Allow her creations to
transport you back to a time when rap legends reigned supreme, their voices echoing in our minds. Feel the surge of inspiration as you witness these iconic portraits transformed into vibrant, living canvases, pulsating with the essence of a generation that dared to challenge the status quo.

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