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TOM PAYNE –   Internationally exhibited artist, Tom Payne has really taken the art world by storm. His captivating abstract pieces will leave you gazing at the delicate formations for hours.

His true passion is creating abstract pieces that take centre stage in people's homes. He feels the stresses of the day melt away as he paints; the process of creating a painting is therapeutic and he loves developing unique pieces that people can admire for years to come.

Tom has always been inspired by nature and its many moods. The natural landscape holds a special place in his heart, which he finds inspiration when creating his pieces.

He uses texture to drum up atmosphere and drama in his pieces and focuses on bright contrasting colours, working to make them look like scenes from outer space or turbulent skyscapes and seascapes. Tom wants the viewer to connect with his paintings and enjoy what they see.

Tom starts his paintings with layers of heavy texture, consisting of sand and resin, applied with a palette knife or thrown at the canvas.

Once dry, he gradually builds up the layers using spray paints, acrylic paints and begins the exploratory journey to see where each paining will take him.

Final signature touches include rose gold, gold or silver leaf detail and a splash of Tom’s signature teal green.

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