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STEVEN LOVATT - Why work in one medium when you can experiment with so many?  Steven Lovatt is certainly not shy about trying new techniques and has produced fabulous work in steel, ceramic, fibreglass, bronze and many more – we have no doubt he will continue to surprise us with his ingenuity so watch this space!



Japanese balloon twister and shaper Masayoshi Matsumoto focussed Steven’s attention on what creativity is all about and there are no pretentions about his fluid, sinuous and often spectacular pieces.   “Doing what I do brings happiness both to me and my collectors.   It draws upon a symbol of happiness embedded in our collective psyche from our formative years, themes of children’s parties and simple pleasures.   What more validation do I need?”.


Born in Newcastle and now living in Staffordshire, Steven delights and entrances his audience who instinctively lean towards his pieces, wanting to touch and become part of his world of imagination.  

Nothing appears to restrict Steven who is happy to create work which looks equally at home in a gallery or your kitchen!   He just wants to make us smile – what a lovely and uncomplicated approach to art!

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