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This August, we've got something for the thrill-seeker in all of us (or at least those of us who love art).

Take a look through Adamo Gallery's newest collection of daring, unusual and adventurous work by artists from all over the UK


We're so excited to welcome Derrick Fielding to Adamo Gallery.

His style is often dominated by light and shadow with exaggerated elements being the key to his quirky and bold artworks in both the composition and subject matter. He says 'my inspiration comes from everyday life and the dramatic beauty of the landscape that is interwoven throughout our lives'.

Derrick Fielding's work can be viewed as simplistic and graphic, some may say naïve.

Naïve art is characterised by childlike simplicity of execution and vision. As such it has been valued by collector seeking to get away from what they see as the unnecessary sophistication of art created within the traditional pathway. Rendering a more child-like vision of artwork allows an artist to convey the simplicity within their piece. This can be viewed as story book-like and evokes a sense of innocence, tranquillity and relaxation - something that's often needed in the modern world.

We love the dramatic perspectives in Derrick's work. Graphic shapes and bold colours dominate his canvases. We're lucky enough to have a selection of Der

rick's work currently in the gallery. We're amazed with how different lighting plays a key role in the viewing of these artworks. We definitely recommend arranging a viewing appointment for these fabulous pieces.



Michelle Mackie is back with a stunning portfolio of pieces for her Summer Collection

Renowned for her work connecting photography with digital practises, Michelle Mackie has reimagined how we view digital art in recent years.

By combining the power of nightmares and the magic of fairy-tales Michelle presents her

inner-self; her memories, fears and dreams in an art form that can provoke powerful emotions and connect with people in ways she never imagined.

Contextual and deep, her poems encapsulate what she aspires her work to become. We love her strong feminine figures taking centre stage in her artworks.

Jumping down the rabbit hole, Michelle asks us through her work to explore who we really are. The journey of self discovery is exciting to say the least.

The beauty of Michelle's work is that the concepts she portrays within her pieces are subjective. Often up for individual interpretation, her work definitely sparks up conversation.



One way to get the most out of life is to look at it as an adventure

Several of our artists at Adamo Gallery include incredible landscapes within their portfolio.

One of our latest signings; Julie Ann Scott has the gift of capturing such mesmerising moments with the artistry of a magician commanding light to strike for a moment in time - sometimes through cloud or water – illuminating and transforming the normal into the spectacular.

Roz Bell's chirpy and colourful original paintings remind collectors of sunshine filled holidays.

Full of texture and saturated hues, we're whisked away on a journey of fun with her paintings.

Roz often uses a medium to carve and sculpt the landscape of her pieces. Adding oils and pigment to the main body of work and then finishing this all off with a resin top coat.

The result is a multi-layered textured piece that begs for interaction.

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