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Spring Sensations at Adamo Gallery

Spring has officially begun.

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and we can't think of a better way to renew and rejuvenate your home than with artwork.

Fresh colour palettes, vibrant subject matter and artwork to symbolize new beginnings, we can't wait to share with you our list of 'Spring Sensations'.

Danny Abrahams' atmospheric paintings focus on the feeling of togetherness. We often see his characters on an adventure together. Danny loves spending quality time with his family and this inspires his artwork. He mentions that the most special moments in our lives are the ones where we're surrounded by love and compassion.

This beautiful spring scene showcases Danny's skill of creating perspective. We love this lush verdant woodland which evokes Spring in all of it's leafy glory.

Finally, it's the season to start dining Al Fresco!

Cecilia Cardiff perfectly embodies Café Culture. Cecilia is very comfortable with taking a seat and watching the afternoon unfold at cafe's and bistro's. Her work often revolves around the wait staff, busy with orders, charming diners and elegantly carrying an unfathomable amount of glasses on tiny trays. The narrative behind each of Cecilia's artwork is different, due to the anonymity of her subjects.

Full of Mediterranean ambience, viewers of Cecilia's work often remark that they feel they are sat in a bustling French Riviera Bistro.

Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley is a contemporary collection of sculpture which is defined by it's primitive and natural finish. Full of soul and character, Matt Buckley creates stunning pieces which are incredibly accessible and unique. Emotionally evocative, these pieces are hand finished.

Tell the Easter Bunny to forget the chocolate this year and treat yourself to this dapper Spring Hare.

Inspired by Victorian Lepidoptery, Michael Olsen recreates the popular early 20th Century practise in a sustainable, contemporary fashion.

Creating butterflies from feathers, Michael paints and prints the feathers whilst sculpting the butterflies' bodies. Michael then pins his miniature sculptures to wires and installs them to an acrylic panel which is then carefully slotted into an acrylic cabinet offering a panoramic view of the butterflies taking flight.

The result is a striking and totally beautiful installation.

'Eden' is inspired by Spring with its fresh and bright colours.

Take a look at an enhanced view below;

Playing with the texture of acrylic paint, Paola Cassais' three-dimensional figures dance in a halo of light, colour and action.

Together they represent all forms of human connection and the power of unity.

Her unique pieces feature hundreds of figures to recreate a larger image. Often her figures will be involved in their own action or task and dressed in iconic and graphic clothing.

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