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"I Have To Be Seen To Be Believed"

Celebrate the late, great Queen Elizabeth II with us at Adamo Gallery

A global figurehead and a British icon, devastation shook the nation earlier this month when it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away.

Ever since we opened the gallery almost a year ago, we've found that imagery of the late Queen, Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II has been a constant source of awe and wonderment.

Our clients have found her resolute determination and passion to serve the country incredibly admirable. As a result, we have seen plenty of our clients enjoy their Elizabethan iconography at home.

We've collated our favourite pieces from our gallery portfolio for a unique 'Queen Elizabeth II' edit. From traditional portraiture to more contemporary digital print making, all of these pieces pay the late, great queen respect in their own unique way.


(L-R) 'A Golden Strand In History' - Chess; 'Lilibet' - Chess

Chess, the innovative mixed media artist from Wiltshire has created two incredibly striking portraits depicting a young and mature Elizabeth.

Using newspaper clippings, Chess' intricate portraits are incredibly well researched. She uses clippings which reference the subject's significance or a particular event.

Here we see 'A Golden Strand In History' and 'Lilibet' side by side. A beautiful narrative between the two, they are harmonious together and equally captivating separately.
'Elizabeth R' by Chess

This stunning original artwork; 'Elizabeth R' by Chess comprises of the following newspaper articles.

Daily Mirror – 9th February 1952 – Elizabeth becomes Queen

Daily Express – 3rd June 1953 – Queen Elizabeth’s coronation is televised

The People Magazine – 1993 – Birthday Edition for Elizabeth R

Weekend Magazine – 29th January 2022 – Elizabeth the Great

Using 'Royal Blue' diamond dust, this multi-dimensional artwork picks up and reflects light, much like the jewels in Elizabeth's crown.

Not simply just a beautiful piece of art, but very much a part of history.

'Nineteen Fifty-Two' - Chess (Giclee on Paper and Original Mixed Media)

Part of her 'Penguin Classics' series, Chess has created a special commemorative piece inspired by the monumental event of Elizabeth's coronation.

The genuine articles used in creating the Original collage are.

Daily Mirror – 9th February 1952 – Elizabeth becomes Queen

Daily Express – 3rd June 1953 – Queen Elizabeth’s coronation is televised

Daily Mirror – 3rd June 1953 – Coronation Souvenir Edition

Chess has created a novel effect using £3000 in shredded genuine £20 notes (which are removed from circulation)


Paul Oz's explosive style lends itself fabulously to the iconic 'stamp' image of Her Majesty.

Reimagined in several different palettes, this union jack masked monarch is a contemporary way to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

Available either as a textured hand embellished with oil paint canvas or a graphic giclee on paper, Paul Oz's work looks incredible in collectors' homes.


JJ Adams has often used the Queen as a reference in his work. Enforcing the idea on what it is to be British, he often includes Her Royal Highness in a contemporary and unique manner.

His classic 'Tattoo Series' has seen various icons (including Her Majesty) adorned with tattoos, piercings and contemporary fashions.


'Victory' by Ghost

Ghost, the dynamic collective from South Wales have established their prominence in Adamo Gallery since we started representing them earlier this year.

Their anti-establishment take on iconic figures and brands have captivated collectors.

Renowned for their bold and bright style, Ghost have been working with the image of Queen Elizabeth II for a while. Transforming this British icon into a piece of contemporary art by using digital methods as well as spray painting antique framing and adding embellishments such as crystals and gold leaf.

As demand grows for the unique and matchless artwork, we've updated our portfolio to include some favourites of Her Majesty.


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