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How to Style Pantone's Colour of the Year 2022 - Very Peri.

Annually, the leading authority in colour, Pantone release their 'Colour of the Year'. For 2022, a gorgeous periwinkle hue; Very Peri has been selected.

Interior styling and art fall hand and hand with each other. What better way to incorporate this tone within your styling than with an incredible piece of art.

Adamo Gallery takes you on a journey featuring a portfolio of artworks that embody the main properties of 'Very Peri'; Carefree, confident and joyful.

Allan Morgan is a Welsh artist who resides in mid-Wales. Taking inspiration from the Welsh countryside, Allan's breath taking seascapes are bold and full of movement. Humans are inspired by the sea, a body of water which is unpredictable yet full of atmosphere and Allan's pieces are no exception. We love how Allan has highlight the moody sky with the sun carefully peeking through the clouds. We find that when this piece is lit correctly it is almost illuminated. This piece of artwork is gently brushed with strokes of periwinkle in the sky, adding to the dynamic character of the piece. We suggest this piece is styled simply, and well lit to ensure the viewer gets the true impact of the piece. Coastal style accessories such as drift wood and sea glass sculptures could add to the shoreside feel of the artwork

Kealey Farmer artworks can be described as a fairy-tale of colour. Her carefully considered palette for each piece are brought to life by the additions of glass, Swarovski and diamond dust elements. In 'Joy', Kealey uses this unique portrait format to evoke a cascade of colour. Animals such as humming birds, butterflies and bumble bees add to the delicate nature of the artwork. Kealey starts her pieces with an airbrush, carefully layering pigments to create a multidimensional abstract effect.

This limited edition by Kealey Farmer features three dimensional embellishments which pick up the light and sparkle beautifully. Various purple hues add depth to this piece whilst adding a mystical element. We love the intense colour saturation contrasting with the delicate hazy effect at the bottom of the artwork.

This piece would look beautiful at the end of a hallway, adding length the the room. Perhaps styled above a small console table with silver accents highlighting the metallic elements of the piece.

Carly Ashdown's work seeks to creatively explore the human consciousness. Carly's art looks to explore the fragility and beauty of life through creative expression, building on texture and exploring different materials, developing and experimenting, creating pieces of beauty for your home. The way she poses her dancers are elegant and ethereal. Here, we love the taffeta effect on the ballerina's tutu. Wispy, delicate and full of movement, you can almost see the tutu swaying from left to right mirroring the perfect positions held by the subject. Periwinkles, violets, lavenders and lilacs all feature within this full skirt. We can imagine this piece centre stage on a grey wall with notes of pinks and purples picked up with soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions.

Mr Controversial transforms old Hollywood glamour. Inspired by pulp fiction books and vintage movie posters, he reimagines leading ladies (and gents) in a contemporary way which will be sure to make you chuckle. Here, Very Peri is feathered around the base of the piece, emulating the wispy smoke from the single cigarette. This dramatic piece definitely demands attention. We suggest a charcoal wall with dark furnishings to really make that purple vibrant. Finish with a large vase of white lilies to pay homage to that Hollywood vibe.

For the joker or cartoon lover in your life, 'D'Oh!' by Zombi is absolutely perfect. This artwork is created purely from stencils, which is impressive considering its striking graphic effect. A compelling Very Peri background anchors the beloved Homer Simpson celebrating. This piece would be perfect styled with bold simple lines, perhaps focusing on an industrial finish, something serious to counteract the playfulness of the artwork. As part of Zombi's 'You May Need Glasses' collection, why not treat yourself to a series of these and showcase them ascending the stairs. Classic pop art calls for bold bright colours and this is no exception.


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