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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know information before you purchase artwork.

Feeling a little lost and confused when it comes to Fine Art?

Don't worry, we're here to clear the air and breakdown the jargon to help you make the best possible decision when buying artwork.

There is no such thing as a silly question!

Email, call or visit us in person if you'd prefer a private consultation and we'll be happy to help.


Limited Edition Prints are produced in limited numbers, which makes the image more exclusive and therefore more valuable.

Limited edition sizes vary but can be any number from as few as 3 up to 500 with a commitment that no other reproduction of the image will be made. Limited editions will always be signed by the artist and numbered.

The number of prints in an edition is determined by the artist, printer and when applicable, the publisher. You'll find limited editions as small as 3 all the way up to 195 at Adamo Gallery.

We enjoy keeping our print sizes smaller to retain exclusivity and value.


In most cases, it really doesn't matter what number you have!

Most Limited Editions are often created through digital means, ensuring that quality and clarity remain perfect throughout the print run.

With screen prints and lithographs (printing by hand) a lower number can be preferable as it would be something which the artist directly is working on rather than a printer.

Saying that, some clients find it exciting that they may own edition number 1 of a print.

Common requests are certain numbers- for luck or significance.

We'll always try our best to accommodate these requests for you!


Prints often have annotations in the margins, and you might be wondering what they mean. In general, prints are signed and numbered with their edition. In addition to these markings, you might also see the following abbreviation.

AP stands for Artist’s Proof. Traditionally, a portion of the edition was then set aside for the artist and left unnumbered for them to do with it what they wanted. This tradition is something that continues into modern day printmaking, though there is no longer such a rigid system of patronage.

Today, artist proofs are typically identical to prints in the limited edition, taken after the printing process has been perfected. Either way, these will be labelled AP, meaning artist proof. And often, they will be numbered depending on how many artist proofs are made.

It is important to remember that while artist proofs are often identical to numbered prints from the same edition, they are not the same thing!

Are artist proofs more valuable than prints in a limited edition? Absolutely, as these are not printed to be sold and are much less common — making them some of the most valuable prints.


Giclee printing (pronounced zhee-clay) is a method of printing to create high quality prints. Originating from French, the term Giclee means 'To Spray'. Giclee printing began in the 1980s, when high-resolution digital scans were used in conjunction with archival quality inks.

A great advantage with giclee prints are their extreme longevity. If you want your art to last a lifetime or more, then this is the way to go.

It's not uncommon to hear horror stories of artwork yellowing or fading over time. Giclee prints don't succumb to the damage of time.

In fact, if properly cared for, it's not uncommon for prints of this nature to last up to 200 years. The majority of our limited-edition artworks at Adamo Gallery are giclee on paper or canvas.


A Hand Embellished Limited Edition (also referred to as an Atelier Edition) has added embellishment by the artist upon the giclee print.

Adamo Gallery represent artists who use paint, diamond dust, Swarovski crystals, glass elements and varnish on their hand embellished prints. A Hand Embellished piece is great to bridge the gap between an original artwork and a limited edition giclee print.

All Adamo Gallery hand embellished limited editions are worked on by the artist themselves. Even though the image remains the same throughout an edition run, each hand embellished artwork will have its own original finish, making each edition totally unique to another.

Hand Embellished limited editions are part of a small edition size to retain exclusivity and are rare and hard to come by at times. If you're looking for a piece of artwork which has original qualities and materials, without the original artwork price tag, a hand embellished print is for you.


Yes, all of our artwork is framed, unless otherwise stated.

A frame finishes off a painting perfectly and can offer protective measures such as glass.

However, we can offer some giclee on paper limited edition artworks unframed should you wish to store them in a portfolio.

All artworks found on our website should include a framed size and framing description. For in gallery purchases, all artwork is available framed in the moulding that it is showcased in on the wall.

We can offer reframing services should you wish to change the moulding, however there may be a surcharge for this based on the frame you select for your artwork.

For all framing enquires, we'd recommend visiting us in gallery or calling us on 02920 666 551.


You'll always receive a digital receipt for your artwork (should you purchase online). For in gallery purchases, we'll provide you with a physical receipt. Depending on the format of your artwork you'll receive either a Certificate of Authenticity (for limited edition artworks) or a Letter of Provenance (for original artwork). These documents must be kept safe.

You can give copies of either of these to your insurance provider to provide an accurate value of your artwork. Alternatively, they can be used as reference points if you wish to sell your artwork at a later date.

On occasion, we may revalue artwork from an artist. We will offer clients who collect artwork from a particular artist a revaluation certificate, denoting a new market value for their artwork.

If you would like an up-to-date valuation certificate for your artwork purchased from Adamo Gallery, simply get in touch with us.


Yes, we offer free UK Mainland delivery for all artworks.

Dependent on your location we will either personally deliver the artwork to you or use a trusted courier. Simply select 'Free Delivery' at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Please be aware that we may change glazed artworks to museum quality Perspex when shipping to ensure that your artwork arrives in perfect condition.


Yes, of course! We ship internationally.

For a quote, please get in touch and we will advise the best option based on your location.

Please be aware that we will change glazed artworks to museum quality Perspex when shipping to ensure that your artwork arrives in perfect condition.


If you're decorating, in between homes or simply want to keep a gift secret, we can store your artwork free of charge until you are ready to accept delivery or collection.

We have a secure stockroom unit where we can store client orders.

We do ask for a rough estimation date of collection or delivery, and should you wish to collect your artwork, please can you provide 24hrs notice so we can ensure your artwork is in the gallery space ready for your collection or viewing.

We do require for the artwork to be paid for in full and if you are utilising our interest free credit option, a declaration of storage must be signed.

Should you wish to utilise this option when online, please select 'Collection from Gallery' and we shall get in touch to arrange details.


Yes. Why not split your purchase into monthly repayments?

Our interest free credit provider is 'Payitmonthly'. With loans amounts available from £500 to £3000 we offer up to 12 monthly repayments based on the value of your chosen artwork. Deposits are optional and you have to power to choose repayment dates. Even better, you can take you artwork home with you right away, no waiting or cooling off period.

This option is not currently available for online purchases, please contact us at the gallery to apply for interest free credit.

Why not utilise our 'PayPal Pay in 3' option online? This splits your purchase (from £30 - £2000) into three equal instalments. Simply select 'PayPal Pay in 3' option at checkout and apply.


We always advise our clients to purchase artwork that they truly love. However, we're here to give honest advice and consultation on what artist would work best for you in terms of portfolio management.

We only represent artists who we are confident in. We prioritise showcasing a wide range of original artwork and we will only offer limited edition prints under an edition size of 100 to retain exclusivity and value.

At Adamo Gallery we represent high status artists who have carved a real niche in their field to newly discovered emerging artists. We always keep ourselves updated with art market news and are constantly searching for new talent to bring to our stable.

Should you be interested in portfolio management, we like to set an appointment and will walk you through a consultation to establish your budget, outline your preferences, and answer any questions you may have.

From here, we will provide you with a proposal comprised of works tailored to your requirements, keep you up to date with art market news and price increases, and allow you first-hand access to new collections which will complement your portfolio.


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