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JP JONES –  Motivated by his quest to marry his two greatest passions - music and art; in addition to his adventurous spirit and fascination with all things intricate and unusual, Jones’s affinity for contemporary art evolved from an unwavering curiosity to create a visual language from the invisible patterns of sound.


A technique which has been welcomed and revered by the deaf community, due to its eradication of the confines of sensory limitations. It is from this fascination that Jones’s first ‘Sound Portraits’ collection was born. 

An auditory visionary, Jones combines laser kinetics with sound to create powerful patterns, shapes and lines representative of the original acoustic; which could range from the spoken words of I love you, your favourite song, or the sound of your own name. Jones then applies mass layering techniques, vibrant colours and a variety of textures to produce each painting.

Each portrait evokes a multisensory exploration of the mind, freeing curiosity from encumbrance. The result, a ‘visual celebration of sound’.

Today, Jones continues to walk the tightrope that divides the worlds of music and Contemporary Art. Whilst his powerful and captivating works adorn the walls of some of the world’s most famous individuals, Jones still travels the world as a decorated musician.

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