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Art embodies a lifestyle, being both subjective and emotive. It has the power to inspire, motivate, reaffirm your beliefs, and evoke memories of joyous moments.

This motivated Richard and Sophie Blunt to create Adamo Gallery in 2021. Their vision is built on the belief that acquiring fine art should be an enjoyable and straightforward experience, ultimately fostering a passion for collecting beautiful and intriguing artwork.

The flagship Adamo Gallery based in Cardiff, showcases a selection of the top UK based artists as well as supporting emerging Welsh talent. A diverse portfolio of original and limited-edition artwork, Richard and Sophie pride themselves in helping you discover the perfect piece of artwork and to transform your home or workspace.

Sophie and Richard's extensive background in the art industry ensures that they prioritise their collectors' best interests at every step. With services ranging from sourcing to framing, valuations, and deliveries, Adamo Gallery streamlines the process of purchasing artwork, making it effortless for collectors.


Adamo Gallery is deeply passionate about featuring a wide-ranging portfolio of artists. Sophie and Richard actively engage with artists on a personal level, carefully selecting those who resonate with the gallery's philosophy of making exceptional artwork accessible to all. As a family-run independent business, we are readily available to offer tailored advice and information that align with your preferences and requirements for investing in artwork.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Adamo Gallery and help you on your journey in collecting incredible artwork.

Adamo Gallery in Morgan Arcade, Cardiff. Gallery front with paintings on easels. Art gallery in Cardiff